2015 Crime Reports

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Welcome to our 2015 Crime Reports page.  This is where we will list all of our crime reports from 2015.

JAN 5 17 4 26
FEB 9 11 9 29
MAR 0 0 0 0
APR 0 0 0 0
MAY 0 0 0 0
JUN 0 0 0 0
JUL 0 0 0 0
AUG 0 0 0 0
SEP 0 0 0 0
OCT 0 0 0 0
NOV 0 0 0 0
DEC 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 0 0 0 0

01-01-201515-0001Assault by Contact (Family Member) (C)400 block W. Fifth St.Victim was punched in the face by boyfriend during dispute.
01-02-201515-0002Attempted Suicide1400 block Forest Park CourtVictim attempted to commit suicide (overdose).
01-05-201515-0003Burglary of Vehicle (A)1000 block Old Ocean Ave.Firearm stolen from vehicle.
01-05-201515-0004Terroristic Threat (B)1000 block E. Seventh St.Victim received death threat via telephone.
01-07-201515-0005Assault by Contact (Family Member) (C)300 block Silverleaf St.Victim assaulted by daughter during discipline.
01-10-201515-0006Assault Causes Bodily Injury (Family Member) (A)1000 block Mac Dr.Victim struck father during confrontation.
01-11-201515-0007Burglary of Building (FS)1000 block E. Ashley Wilson RoadForced entry into building; money stolen.
01-13-201515-0008Found Property900 block E. Second St.Property found abandoned at residence.
01-13-201515-0009Harassment (B)300 block N. McKinney St.Victim received numerous unwanted text messages from ex-boyfriend.
01-15-201515-0010Found Property300 block E. Ashley Wilson RoadAbandoned bicycle found by dumpster at apartment complex.
01-15-201515-0011Sexual Assault (F2)300 block E. Ashley Wilson RoadVictim reported being sexually assaulted by his wife.
01-15-201515-0012Reckless Driving (B)9000 block FM 1459Driver failed to stop for officer; disregarded traffic signals.
01-16-201515-0013ID Theft (FS)900 block Avenue BVictim's ID used to open account fraudulently.
01-16-201515-0014Assault Public Servant (F3)9000 block FM 1459Vehicle dragged officer attempting to stop him for DWI.
01-19-201515-0015Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle >=$200 (B)900 block N. Main St.Vehicle struck other vehicle; failed to remain/report.

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