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We have listed all of our forms online (see responsive table below).

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PATROL & SERVICEPSD-003Gang Interview Form02-14-2011
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-004Notification of Hospice Death04-19-2016
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-005Notification of Student Arrest07-16-2013
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-006Ride-Along Program Release of Liability07-17-2014
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-007Consent to Search04-07-2014
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-008Criminal Trespass10-17-2013
PATROL & SERVICEPSD-010Close Patrol/House Watch03-31-2016
WARRANT & FUGITIVEWFD-001Warrant Worksheet06-05-2014
WARRANT & FUGITIVEWFD-002Fugitive from Justice Notification02-25-2013
CODE ENFORCEMENTCOD-006Humane Warning Notice02-25-2013
CODE ENFORCEMENTCOD-010City Ordinance Violation Worksheet06-05-2013
CODE ENFORCEMENTCOD-011Junk Vehicle Worksheet01-27-2016
ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORTASD-001Safety Report01-06-2014
ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORTASD-002Communicable Disease Testing08-05-2013
PAYROLLPAY-003Payroll Dispute Form04-26-2016
TRAININGTD-001Training Request Form07-29-2014
PAYROLLPAY-006Time-Off Request Form12-29-2015
PAYROLLPAY-008Sick Time Donation Form03-02-2016
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-001Amber Alert Request Form06-01-2015
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-002Silver Alert Request Form06-01-2015
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-003Photo Line-Up Witness Instructions07-29-2013
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-004Live Line-Up Witness Instructions07-29-2013
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-005Medical Release Form01-25-2016
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONCID-006Stalking Incident Log02-06-2013
TRAININGTD-001Training Request07-29-2014
CODE ENFORCEMENTCOD-001Curfew Warning03-10-2011


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